Don't Worry About Your Content Needs​

Don't Worry About Your Content Needs

Our team of experts at Hankara will work with you every step of the way to ensure your needs are understood, and you hire only the best fits for your business


Getting Started

Welcome to Hankara

Thank you for your interest in working with us. We aim to satisfy your business needs, therefore would need some information

What information do we require?

We have a prepopulated list of content categories your business may need; we also request specific job descriptions are submitted alongside to enable you find matches faster.

How do I ensure the match is a fit?

Our professionals are highly vetted and have verified work samples we make available. We also have video interviews between you and your potential hire.

How do I get the percentage discount?

After filling in your job request, a representative of Hankara will reach out to you to enable you take opportunity of our first-time discounts for new clients

Working with Hankara was nothing short of great! We were in crunch time yet they delivered on an important project in a really short period of time. The client success experience too was impressive.

Francis Sanni

Principal, Magic Fund

We ensure that we perfectly understand your business needs, and match you with the best talent fit available
Our matching and turnaround timeframe from our experienced writers are second to none
We deliver content that ultimately drive high user engagement and produce your most desired results
We offer you the best services that get results at the most affordable rates to help you save cost
Save Cost
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We Reward Client Loyalty

At Hankara, we prioritize our clients, ensuring maximum satisfaction, and as such, they are always willing to come back and refer others as well.

We would love to appreciate you even better.